Solar Water Heaters
Solar Thermosiphon System

Simply produce hot water with free-of-charge solar energy.

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At one glance

  • High efficiency - the purchase pays for itself after a short time, thanks to energy savings
  • Available in three different tank sizes to meet your individual hot water consumption requirements (150 l, 200 l and 300 l )
  • Efficient use of solar energy

Simple to install

The thermosiphon solar thermal system is easy to install on your roof. Whether you have a flat or pitched roof, three different installation options are available to ensure that the thermosiphon solar thermal system can be installed in your home securely to resist any weather conditions.

Simply high quality from Bosch

The thermosiphon solar thermal system effortlessly handles wind and bad weather for many years. High-grade materials and exemplary workmanship make this possible. For example, the cylinder has particularly effective corrosion protection. As you can see, you can truly rely on high quality from Bosch.

Simply efficient

The new thermosiphon solar thermal system enables you to produce hot water free-of-charge using solar energy. The design has been optimised over the previous model and is now even more efficient. Saving energy has never been so easy!


Each solar system includes the following standard equipment: tank; collector; mounting structure; e-heater; hydraulic kit and glycol. Other optional accessories available on request: solar controller, thermo mixing valve and connection set.

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